The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project4 days ago
⚡️More than a year has passed since the beginning of the SciArt journey!
Read about the milestones of the project in the News section of our website 📰
The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project2 weeks ago
Whether you have questions, ideas, or just want to share your enthusiasm for the intersection of science, art, and cultural heritage, we're all ears! 👂💡

Connect with us through our website's contact form.

Let's build a community passionate about innovative education together! 🌟 #GetInTouch #SciArtCommunity
The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project3 weeks ago
How can you benefit from the SciArt project? 🤔

During the project several educational material will be produced including an eBook about the SciArt theoretical framework, educational activities and resources for the classroom, and more. Everything will be uploaded here👇

📢Stay tuned: The SciArt e-Book will be published soon!
The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project4 weeks ago
✨Meet the SciArt team!✨

Behind every great project there's a devoted team of experts!

Visit our newly launched website to learn about the passionate individuals driving innovation in #STEAM education. Click the link below and meet the team!

#SciArtTeam #MeetTheMinds 🧠
The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project1 month ago
📣We are proud and excited to present The SciArt Project website!

The goal is to increase #awareness and forge connections within the European and global educational community on the intersections between inclusive #STEAM approaches and the study of #culturalheritage in schools 🔬🖼💯
The SciArt Project
The SciArt Project2 months ago
It's been more than a month now since the The SciArt Project partners met in Porto to discuss the project's activities and we are excited about the next steps in the process!

A big thank you to our hosts ➡️ Politécnico do Porto!